Were you at Queen’s Park Day?

BPV  made one of its rare non-virtual appearances  at Queen’s Park Day on Sunday 13th September. On a mostly sunny day thousands of people enjoyed exciting performances, shows and stalls. We used our stall to show the flag and had some interesting conversations with local partners, even if the Great British Public’s mind was on other things.

Not many people had time to fill in answers to our quiz on the NHS so here it is to make you think, if you have a moment to spare. The prize was awarded on the day.

Your health – our health – our money – who does what?

A Quiz for Queen’s Park Day


  1. Who decides what health services are provided for the people of Brent? Is it –
  • Jeremy Hunt
  • NHS England
  • Brent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
  • Brent Council?

List up to three of the above:




  1. How much public money is spent annually on health services in Brent? Is it closest to-
  • £300 million
  • £500 million
  • £900 million?

Please put your answer below




  1. Who appoints the Governing Body of Brent CCG? Is it –
  • Brent Council
  • The Department of Health
  • GPs in Brent?

Please put your answer below




  1. Do patients have a choice of which hospital they should be referred to? Please tick:

Yes____________ OR No_____________


  1. Do the public have to be consulted about important changes to our local health services? Please tick one:



  1. What do you understand by “Shaping a Healthier Future?” Is it:
  • A fitness course
  • Brent’s public health strategy
  • A plan to re-organise hospitals and related services
  • A new clinic for the obese?

Please write one of the above below:



  1. If you have a complaint about your hospital treatment and are not satisfied with the answer do you appeal to:
  • The Care Quality Commission
  • Healthwatch
  • Monitor
  • The Health Ombudsman?

Please write one of these below:




  1. Who is the Chief Executive of NHS England? Is it:-
  • Sir David Nicholson
  • Simon Stevens
  • Sir Bruce Keogh
  • Professor Dame Sally Davies
  • Sir Malcolm Grant

Please write one of these names below:




  1. Who is the Chair of Brent Clinical Commissioning Group? Is it:
  • Councillor Mohammed Butt
  • Dr Ethelreda Kong
  • Rob Larkman
  • Sarah Mansuralli?

Please write one name below:




  1. TIE BREAKER (if scores on questions 1-9 tie)

Please put position held against all names in Question 8 above.




Name and contact email___________________________________


Do you work for the NHS or Brent Council? If yes________(tick) you are not eligible for a prize but we thank you for the work you do.


Otherwise the person with the most correct answers will receive a prize of Fairtrade chocolate or similar to be collected on the day from the BPV stall between 4.45 and 5.30pm.


Only one entry per person. The decision of the BPV judge will be final.


All entries to be submitted by 4.30pm on 13th September please.



Robin Sharp  14th September 2015


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