NW London Sustainability & Transformation Plan 15 April

BPV has received a copy of the NW London NHS “Footprint” Sustainability and Transformation Plan. Since we believe that it is in the public interest that this far-reaching document should be in the public domain and properly debated we attach a copy at the link below.

We hope to produce an analysis as soon as we can but it is even more important that those who put it together face the public and answer questions about its far-reaching implications. We have met and written to Carolyn Downs, Brent Council’s Chief Executive and local government lead on the NW London “Footprint”, to emphasise that  a public meeting to discuss the document submitted on 15 April is urgently needed. It seems that NHS England still want it all under wraps.

For a little more background see our related story “NHS – kill or cure”?





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