Coronavirus and BPV

Professors Sir Roy Anderson from Imperial College London and Deidre Hollingsworth from Oxford University have today published the latest assessment of the coronavirus epidemic in The Lancet.

This is a key extract from what they say:

“Vaccine development is already underway, but it is likely to be at least a year before a vaccine can be mass-produced, even assuming all trials are successful. Social distancing is therefore the most important measure, with an individual’s behaviour key.

This includes early self-isolation and quarantine, seeking remote medical advice and not attending large gatherings or going to crowded places. The virus seems to largely affect older people and those with existing medical conditions, so targeted social distancing may be most effective.

Government actions will be important, including banning large events such as football matches, closing workplaces, schools and institutions where COVID-19 has been identified, and making sure that good diagnostic facilities and remotely accessed advice, like telephone helplines, are widely available. Ensuring the provision of specialist healthcare is also vital.”

This suggests it will be wise to postpone optional local events such as the BPV public meeting planned for 30 March 2020.

We will make a further announcement soon.

Robin Sharp CB

Chair Brent Patient Voice

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