BPV Public Meeting this Thursday 1st December

We look forward to seeing you at the Learie Constantine Centre, Dudden Hill Lane, NW10 2ET on Thursday 1st December from 6.45 onwards.

While commentators and the media are just waking up to the fact that the emerging NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans are a cloak for massive and damaging cuts to services, we in BPV are attempting to shed some light on the plans for transforming General Practice.

Hence the title of our event is “From cottage industry to the new world of Brent’s Accountable Care Partnership: Our GP Practices are destined for change.” Our speaker, Dr Julia Simon, has recently left NHS England and thus is specially qualified to give an insider’s perspective on The NHS Five Year Forward View and the reasons why it promotes Accountable Care Partnerships.

What concerns us most is the NHS’s failure to explain properly what the changes to General Practice they envisage really mean so that the public and indeed doctors themselves can debate the pros and cons.

All this, of course, is against the background of the Chancellor declining to put more money into the NHS and social care when the leadership and the experts are pointing out that shortages of money and qualified staff mean it cannot deliver the service required for very much longer.


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  1. I could accept that the Government had a valid ‘case for change’ due to the fact that the funding of the current NHS model is financially unsustainable, if it weren’t for the fact that the Government intends spending £50 billion upwards on a new high speed railway line and a further £250 billion on a Trident upgrade which includes new nuclear submarines; all at a time when the public borrowing deficit is fast approaching £2 trillion. It would seem that the Government’s priorities are completely wrong.

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